Award Winner - 2018 VSA Competition in Tone

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Quality, Distinctive Hand-Crafted Instruments

String instruments are perfectly suited to being crafted by hand. The sophistication of the craftsman’s skill is complemented by the inherent uniqueness imbued in each creation. That distinctive character comes to life when the instrument is played—a violin should be as unique as the wood it is made from and as original as the hands that will play it.


I approach violin making with the idea that complexity and individuality help to make life interesting. A well-done, handmade violin has these virtues.  If you are looking for a handcrafted instrument to match your uniqueness as a musician, please contact me.

Violin Maker Eduard Miller

About Eduard Miller

Eduard Miller is an award winning violinmaker, based out of the Denver area in Colorado. 

Eddy dedicates his time to new instrument making. He is constantly striving to uphold and refine the quality of his workmanship, while creating instruments that have the excellence and character that is essential to become a musician’s companion.